Motor Pool

The Motor Pool, located near the Central Warehouse, is part of Logistics Administration.

Faculty and staff employed by UConn who are properly licensed and/or certified may qualify as authorized drivers of UConn owned, operated, leased, and/or rented vehicles when conducting official UConn business.

These vehicles are available through the UConn Motor Pool, which is responsible for:

  • Performing routine, preventative, and emergency maintenance on all state-owned vehicles assigned to UConn Storrs
  • Assigning, in conjunction with the Purchasing Department, license plates to new and/or transferred vehicles
  • Maintaining the state-owned fuel service station

The motor pool is located on North Hillside Road on the main campus in Storrs.

LINK: Driving & Motor Vehicle Policies

LINK: Logistics Administration

Accidents Involving State-owned Vehicles

The state’s Accident Reporting Form must be filled out within 48 hours of an accident involving state vehicles. The form is available online from the State Department of Administrative Services.

LINK: Accident Reporting Form (PDF)