Central Warehouse

  • Shipping & Receiving
    1. Central Stores ships out packages every day, including Federal Express, UPS, and DHL. Service includes ground, overnight, and international. Items must be properly packaged, addressed, and accompanied by a Transfer Voucher (BO-20).
    2. Package services are also offered by the UConn Co-op Bookstore
  • LINK: Shipping & Receiving
  • LINK: UConn Co-op Services




  • Pickup & Delivery
    1. Central Stores offers a variety of pickup services. Next day pickup service includes pickup of packages ready to be shipped, recycling of cartridges, and returns. Central Stores also has a pickup service for shredding confidential University documents and for storage of documents and other materials..
  • LINK: Pickup & Delivery


  • University Surplus Program
    1. Central Stores administers the University Surplus Program. Per Public Act 91-256, the University has the authority to dispose of surplus, unused and/or unserviceable equipment and supplies. Central Stores determines if items sent to surplus will be discarded or recycled to the University.
    2. Surplus showrooms are open to University departments each week and Central Stores runs the Public Surplus Store once each month.
  • LINK: University Surplus Program
  • LINK: Public Surplus Store