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  • Student Code

  • The following is an excerpt from the Preamble to Responsibiltiies of Community Life: The Student Code:
  • The spirit of inquiry can only flourish in an environment of mutual trust and respect, and that environment cannot be limited to the classroom or to the lab. Each member of the community must have the opportunity to participate fully in the process of learning and understanding if the community as a whole is to remain strong and vital. Therefore, all members must accept responsibility for creating an environment that promotes individual growth and builds community through the safe, respectful exchange of diverse thought, opinion, and feeling.
  • Unfortunately, a few students may abuse the freedom inherent in such an environment. Students who breach the trust that has been extended to them by the University community shall be held accountable for their actions. Responsibilities of Community Life: The Student Code describes the process for addressing such matters. It rests on the principles of individual development, community involvement, and fairness.
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