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Exam Rescheduling

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  • Also See: Instruction – Exam Procedures

  • Exam Rescheduling

  • This information pertains to the main campus at Storrs. For others, please contact the appropriate office at your regional campus.
  • Students at the main campus in Storrs are required to be available for their exam during the times stated in the Registrar’s Office posted final exam schedule.
  • If students have a conflict with this time, the student must visit the Dean of Students to discuss the possibility of rescheduling this exam.
    1. Note: As of 2010, all notifications of permission to reschedule final exams will be conveyed by e-mail only. For those who prefer a paper notification, the Dean of Students will copy the student on the e-mail sent to the instructor, so the student can be asked to print out a copy and bring it to the instructor.
  • Students who have “bunched exams” should go to the Student Services Desk at the entrance to Wilbur Cross.  Please see the Instruction – Exam Procedures section of the Resource Guide for more specific information about what is considered to be bunched exams.
  • Students who are too ill during final exams to be present for an exam should go the Student Health Services to receive care and request permission to reschedule their final exam.
  • Please note that vacations, previously purchased tickets or reservations, graduations, social events, misreading the exam schedule and over-sleeping are not viable excuses for missing a final exam. If students think that their situation warrants permission to reschedule, they should contact the Dean of Students.
  • LINK: Dean of Students