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Students in the Community

Student Interactions

  • Students in the Community

  • In addition to their academic experience and educational opportunities, students at the University of Connecticut enjoy the benefits of living in a university community that stretches beyond the boundaries of the campus.
  • They also have the responsibility of being good neighbors, to each other in campus residence halls, classrooms, and other facilities, and to colleagues and residents in the surrounding neighborhoods of Mansfield and adjacent towns.
  • UConn students have a variety of opportunities for interaction in the greater University community, from the routine, such as off-campus dining and shopping, to volunteer service and participation in community activities.
  • There are a number of University offices, programs, and services that assist with or coordinate, in varying degrees, student community interactions. These include Off-Campus Student Services, the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life, and Community Outreach.
  • LINK: Off-Campus Student Services
  • LINK: Dean of Students Office
  • LINK: Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • LINK: Community Outreach
  • LINK: Community Standards