Promotion, Tenure, & Reappointment

Promotion, Tenure & Reappointment

  • The quality of the University of Connecticut is sustained through the dedicated and creative work of our faculty. Objective, systematic, and thorough appraisal of each candidate for initial and continued appointment, for promotion in academic rank, and for the granting of tenure is therefore essential.
  • The purpose of the Promotion, Tenure, & Reappointment (PTR) guidelines is to provide common criteria and procedures for tenure and promotion for all University of Connecticut faculty in the professorial ranks.
  • Promotions in rank and the granting of tenure are based on a number of criteria. They are never automatic or routine. In general, promotions are awarded to recognize the level of faculty members’ contributions to the missions of the University in teaching, advising, service, and other assignments; and in scholarship and creative activity.
  • Reviewers base their recommendations on carefully prepared dossiers which must include the PTR form and other required information that document and evaluate the accomplishments of each candidate.
  • Responsibility for promotion and tenure recommendations rests principally with the senior members of the faculty, unit administrators, and academic deans. Final responsibility rests with the Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • LINK: Promotion, Tenure & Reappointment (PTR) Procedures
  • LINK: By-laws of the University of Connecticut
  • Tenure Clock Adjustment

  • Tenure-track faculty who experience a major life event (i.e. the birth of a child), automatically qualify for a one-year adjustment of the tenure clock to a maximum of two automatic adjustments.  Information about tenure adjustments is available on the Human Resources website.
  • LINK: Tenure Clock Information