Personnel & Employment

  • Volunteers

  • Under certain circumstances, the University permits the use of volunteer appointments.  These appointments are either for civic or charitable reasons or for the benefit of the appointee who gains experience and training.
  • Volunteers provide services to the University for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons  without expectation, promise or actual receipt of compensation. The services must be offered freely without direct or implied pressure or coercion.  Honorary appointments are one example of a voluntary association with the University.
  • Internships, visiting scholars and other experiential associations with the University are typically unpaid and must primarily be for the benefit of the appointee in gaining experience and/or training in a particular field.  These appointments cannot be used to displace regular employees and must be under the close supervision of a regular faculty or staff member.  The appointing department should not derive any immediate advantage from the activities of the gratis appointee.
  • LINK: Volunteer Liability