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  • Titles & Pay Scales

  • Also See: Collective Bargaining Units

  • The University has an extensive list of job titles approved for faculty, professional staff, and classified employees, including management exempt employees. For the most up-to-date lists and definitions, please go to the website links on this page.
  • Unclassified Employees – Faculty
    1. The University maintains a dictionary of titles that identifies tenure track faculty, non-tenure track faculty, research positions, and other professional positions that the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) represents.
    2. Titles for searches, offer letters, payroll authorizations, leave requests, and similar administrative documents must be drawn from this lexicon.
  • LINK: Faculty Titles Dictionary
  • LINK: AAUP Faculty Minima
  • Unclassified Employees – Professional Staff
  • LINK: UCPEA Salary/Longevity Schedule and Job Titles by Level
  • Classified Employees
  • LINK: Classified Bargaining Units