Separation from the University

Personnel & Employment

  • Separation from the University

  • When an employee leaves the University, there are several housekeeping items that must be completed. Human Resources maintains the following website which contains links to separation checklists and information that is helpful for both the employee and the supervisor.
  • Note: If an employee is being involuntarily separated from their employment, the supervisor should consult the Labor Relations Office at (860) 486-5684 for assistance.
  • LINK: Employment Separation Information
  • Benefits
    1. Faculty who are leaving the University should contact the Human Resources’ Benefits Unit at or 860-486-0400 for information regarding the disposition of benefits, including COBRA continuation of health benefits, vested rights benefits, and retirement benefits.
  • LINK: Email the HR Benefits Unit
  • Computer Accounts & Resource
    1. When an employee is terminating employment from the University, or transferring to a new area within the University, there are changes that will need to be made regarding their University computer resources.  The exiting employee’s supervisor is responsible for ensuring these changes occur. These necessary actions include cancelling accounts, retrieving portable computer devices, such as laptops, and removing computer signatures.
    2. For a detailed list of these action items, which includes the above computer related needs, please reference the Human Resources “Separation Checklist for Supervisor of Employee Leaving”.
  • LINK: Employment Separation Information