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  • Employee Benefits

  • University of Connecticut employees have access to a wide array of benefits, including:
    1. medical and dental health insurance (including spouses and dependents);
    2. group life insurance,
    3. retirement plans and retiree health insurance, and
    4. family and medical leaves of absence.
  • The Employee Benefits Unit assists employees in understanding these benefits and, for those that require enrollment, completing the appropriate forms.
  • Whether you are newly hired or nearing retirement, the Employee Benefits Unit is available to answer your benefit questions, assist you in resolving benefit issues, and provide you with information to make informed benefit choices.
  • Temporary and part-time employees, such as adjunct and visiting faculty, are eligible for some benefits. Please contact the Employee Benefits Unit for information.
  • LINK: New Employee Benefits Enrollment
  • Dependent Tuition Waiver
    • For eligible University of Connecticut employees, a waiver of tuition is extended to their dependent children who are matriculated and enrolled undergraduate students at UConn. Waivers apply to the Fall and Spring semesters only and employees who desire the waiver must complete this form each semester. Please remember that tuition waivers waive only the tuition; the student remains responsible for any non-tuition fees and charges.
    • Applications for the Dependent Tuition Waiver are accepted online only.
  • LINK: Dependent Tuition Waiver
  • Longevity
    • Permanent employees, who have completed at least ten (10) full years of state service, are eligible to receive a semi-annual lump sum longevity payment. The amount of each payment is based on length of service and salary group as of April 1 or October 1 of the current year.
  • Supplemental Benefits
    • In addition to the life insurance, health insurance and retirement plan benefits, faculty and staff are eligible for a number of employee-pay-all supplemental benefits offered by the State of Connecticut and by the University of Connecticut.
    • These include
      1. life insurance;
      2. retirement savings programs – 403b, 457, and ARP (Alternate Retirement Plan);
      3. dependent care assistance;
      4. cancer insurance;
      5. long term disability;
      6. short term disability;
      7. auto and homeowner insurance;
      8. qualified transportation fringe benefit;
      9. long term care insurance.
    • LINK: Employee Benefits