Parking & Transportation

Parking & Transportation


  • All University employees must register for a permit to park on campus.
  • Parking Services issues permits at New Employee Orientation or employees can come to the Parking Services Office (PSO) in the Central Warehouse Building located at 3 North Hillside Road (behind Public Safety).
  • Employees should bring  an offer letter or contract indicating their full or part-time status and the duration of time they will be with the University, a driver’s license and a vehicle registration in order to obtain a permit.
  • LINK: Parking Services
  • LINK: Parking Permits
  • LINK: Parking Map (PDF)
  • Parking Advisory Committee
    1. The Parking Advisory Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing parking rules, regulations, and policies, and makes recommendations to the University administration.
  • LINK: Parking Advisory Committee
  • Accessible Van Service

  • The Accessible Van Service, AVS, is available to students, faculty, and staff. The service provides safe and timely campus and local transportation. Accessible vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts, ensuring that passengers get to classes, jobs, residences, and activities safely and efficiently.
  • LINK: Accessible Van Service
  • Shuttle Buses

  • To meet the needs of students, faculty, and staff, Transportation Services runs an extensive network of commuter buses to many destinations located on and off campus.
  • LINK: Shuttle Bus Service and Routes
  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

  • For use of state-owned vehicles, please go to the Motor Pool section of the Guide.
  • LINK: Motor Pool (Resource Guide page)
    1. Links to alternative sources of transportion, including interstate & intrastate bus service, local bus service (Windham Regional Transit District – WRTD), carpooling, car rental, Amtrak rail service, and airport shuttles can be found on the Transportation Services website.
  • LINK: Travel Alternatives (Amtrack, car rental, bus services)
  • LINK: Airport Shuttle (Bradley – Windsor Locks)
  • LINK: New London Ferry Shuttle (Long Island Sound)
  • LINK: Union Station Shuttle (Hartford rail station)