Office of Global Affairs

The Office of Global Affairs is the focal point for international activities at the University of Connecticut:

Contributes to internationalizing the university by promoting, facilitating, and enriching the international activities of all UConn faculty, staff, and students;

Provides access to the outstanding research capacity, knowledge, skills, and teaching competencies available within our university community to the citizens of Connecticut, the nation, and the world; and

Promotes dialogue and understanding of the crucial global issues of international peace, equitable social and economic development, and the production and transfer of state-of-the-art knowledge.

LINK: Office of Global Affairs

Education Abroad Program

The Education Abroad Program offers over 200 programs in 65 countries on six continents. Faculty serve as advisors and mentors to the undergraduate students in the program, and faculty and departments develop new study abroad programs.

LINK: Study Abroad Program

International Student & Scholar Services

International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS), a unit of the Office of Global Affairs, provides services to international students, scholars, and employees and to University of Connecticut community in their dealing with these constituencies.

LINK: International Student & Scholar Services

In particular, ISSS can assist in the following areas:

Hiring Process

Working with Immigration lawyers

Visiting scholars

International students

Hiring International Employees

The Federal government authorizes the University of Connecticut, through International Student & Scholar Services, to process paperwork in-house for non-immigrant employees needing work authorization. The ISSS website provides guidelines to hiring departments concerning the procedures that must be followed if an international hire is to be given work authorization.

LINK: Guidelines for Hiring International Employees

Working with Immigration Lawyers

State of Connecticut has selected two law firms to represent the State’s higher education institutions for immigration issues requiring immigration legal counsel. The Immigration Employment Specialist at ISSS will consult with these law firms in cases where a second opinion is warranted and refer work to them as appropriate.
Hiring departments and beneficiaries must consult with the IES before seeking any outside immigration attorney’s legal services.

Visa Authorization for Visiting Scholars

The U.S. Department of State authorizes the University of Connecticut, through International Student & Scholar Services, to host international visiting scholars. Options and procedures for hosting an international visiting scholar are available on the ISSS website.

LINK: Information for Visiting Scholars and Professors on J-1 Visa

Visa Authorization and Cultural Adjustment for International Students

The U.S. Department of State authorizes the University of Connecticut, through International Student & Scholar Services working in collaboration with the undergraduate and graduate admissions offices, to host international students. The International Center at ISSS offers an array of programs and services to help international students adjust to life at UConn and thrive in their academic programs.

LINK: International Student & Scholar Services