Submitting Grades


  • Also See: Grading/Grade Changes and Challenges to a Grade

  • Submitting Grades

    1. Grades are submitted through the Student Administration System.
  • LINK: Student Administration System
  • Grades and Privacy
    1. Do not display student scores or grades publicly (including on a course web site) in association with names, Social Security Numbers (read below), or other personal identifiers, such as NetID or Student Admin. System ID.
    2. If scores or grades are posted, use some code known only to you and the individual student. Even a partial Social Security Number should not be used. In no case should the list be posted in alphabetic sequence by student name.
    3. For more information on student educational privacy rights, see the “Faculty Guidelines Relating to Educational Records” document on the Office of the Registrar Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act web site.
  • LINK: Faculty Guidelines Relating to Educational Records
  • Social Security Numbers
    1. Efforts have been underway for some time to reduce the use of the Social Security Number at the University of Connecticut.
    2. The University has established a policy restricting the use to certain legitimate uses (for example, for employment and tax purposes, for financial aid purposes, and where required by an external entity).
  • LINK: Policy on the Use of the Social Security Number
  • LINK: Best Practices for Protecting the Privacy of Social Security Numbers