Student Evaluation of Teaching


  • Student Evaluation of Teaching

    1. The University of Connecticut is dedicated to supporting and enhancing teaching effectiveness and student learning using a variety of methods.  The Student Evaluation of Teaching is just one tool used to help faculty enhance their teaching.
    2. The SETs are used for both formative (self-improvement) and summative (evaluation) purposes.
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  • Connecticut Statute Regarding Student Ratings of Faculty Performance

    1. This statute, in effect since 1989, protects the results of performance evaluations of faculty/staff in all Connecticut public higher education units from disclosure to students or any others beside the employee’s supervisor without the written permission of the faculty/staff member.
    2. UConn initiated this protection after receiving many student and FOI requests for the release of the results of student ratings of teaching performance in general and for specific courses.  With the Statute, teaching performance evaluations are not subject to Freedom of Information disclosure.
    3. Under the Storrs-based University Senate mandate, and with the protection of this Statute, the Office of Institutional Research & Effectiveness (OIRE) may release the results of student ratings of teaching to the individual rated instructor, individuals or offices within the instructor’s chain of command, and other authorized University officials where appropriate and necessary. General university total summaries (as well as a reference to the Statute) are presented on the (OIRE) website.
      1. State of Connecticut Statue
      2. Sec. 10a-154a. Performance and evaluation records of faculty and professional staff members not public records. Any record maintained or kept on file by a board of trustees of a constituent unit of the state system of higher education which is a record of the performance and evaluation of a faculty or professional staff member of such constituent unit shall not be deemed to be a public record and shall not be subject to disclosure under the provisions of section 1-210, unless such faculty or professional staff member consents in writing to the release of his records by the board of trustees of the constituent unit. Such consent shall be required for each request for a release of such records. (P.A. 89-229, S. 1, 4.)