Retaining Final Exams & Student Records


  • Retaining Final Exams & Student Records

    1. There are no University regulations concerning the length of time instructors must retain final exams and course gradebooks. However, since the University Senate By-laws allow students to appeal final course grades up to six months after the grades are submitted, the good practice would be to retain sufficient information to address any appeals for at least six months.
    2. If final exams or other graded materials are returned to students, this should be done in a way that maintains the confidentiality of the information. (Do not, for example, leave all of the final exams in a box outside of your office for students to pick through.)
    3. When materials are destroyed, this must be done in a way that maintains confidentiality. One option is to use the Confidential Shredding service of University Central Stores.
  • LINK: University Central Stores Shredding Service