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Instructional Support


  • Also See: Information Technology

  • Instructional Support

  • Institute for Teaching & Learning
    1. The Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL) provides pedagogical and technology support for faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students in a wide variety of ways.
    2. From individual consultations to a broad range of seminars and workshops, the ITL provides services to all campuses of the University.
  • LINK: Institute for Teaching & Learning
    1. Units of the ITL are:
AV Technology Services
    1. AV Technology Services provides academic support of Hi-Tech Classrooms to the Storrs and regional campuses through classroom audio/video systems, faculty training, design, installation and maintenance.
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    AV Technology Services
  • Early College Experience
    1. UConn Early College Experience (ECE) is a concurrent enrollment program that allows motivated high school students to take UConn courses at their high schools for both high school and college credit. High school instructors who have been certified through the University of Connecticut serve as adjunct faculty members and teach UConn
      ECE courses.
  • LINK: Early College Experience
  • Faculty Development Programs
    1. The Institute for Teaching & Learning offers a full range of faculty development programs to all UConn faculty, at all of the UConn campuses. The formats range from individual consultation services to departmental workshops, from book groups, and learning communities to campus wide teaching institutes.
  • LINK: Faculty Development Programs
  • Instructional Design & Development
    1. Instructional Design & Development (IDD) offers guidance on curriculum design and delivery, and help faculty develop technological solutions to enhance their course. Other services range from focusing on learning objectives for existing courses to developing assessment and evaluation for courses.
  • LINK: Instructional Design & Development
  • Instructional Resource Center
    1. The Instructional Resource Center (IRC) provides support to faculty in their use of technology to advance effective teaching and learning. Services include HuskyCT course site development and management; creation of multimedia instructional materials; use of Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS and blogs,for teaching and learning;
      audio, video, and image editing; and web page and web site development.
  • LINK: Instructional Resource Center
  • Learning Resources Center
    1. The Learning Resources Center provides direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, workshops, on-demand assistance through a help desk, and the creation of innovative learning modules.
  • LINK: Learning Resources Center
  • Media Design
    1. Media Design provides faculty and staff with state-of-the-art media production services in support of undergraduate education, classroom instruction and research. Services include video and audio production, graphic design, and podcast publishing.
  • LINK: Media Design
  • Quantitative Learning Center
    1. The Q Center is a resource to elevate the proficiency of students taking quantitative intensive (Q) courses across the undergraduate curriculum. The Q Center provides direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, review sessions, and the creation of innovative learning tools.
  • LINK: Q Center
  • Teaching Assistant Programs
    1. Teaching Assistant Programs offers services, workshops and orientations for graduate teaching assistants, and specialized language and culture support for international teaching assistants.
  • LINK: Teaching Assistant Programs
  • University Writing Center
    1. The Writing Center supports writing as one of the key skills valued at the University of Connecticut, and, among its services, the center offers workshops to help faculty incorporate writing instruction into their courses in ways that are engaging and rewarding.
  • LINK: Writing Center