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Grading/Grade Changes


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  • Grading/Grade Changes

    1. Grade Point Formulas
    2. Grade points for courses graded A-F are the product of the course credits and the points per credit for the grade earned.
  • LINK: Undergraduate Catalog – Grading
    1. Grade Changes
    2. The University Senate By-law concerning changes of Course Grades states:
      1. Grades are part of the student’s permanent record. Therefore they should never be changed for reasons unrelated to course requirements or quality of work. An instructor may neither accept additional work nor give additional examinations once the grade in the course has been submitted. Nevertheless, there can be situations in which course grades may and ought to be changed. These comprise computational errors, clerical errors, and the discovery of overlooked components in a student’s body of work.
    3. Grade changes are submitted to the Registrar online, through the Student Administration System.
  • LINK: Student Administration System Help: Change Final Grades