Grading/Grade Changes

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Grade Point Formulas

Grade points for courses graded “A”-“F” are the product of the course credits and the points per credit for the grade earned. For example, given a “B-” for a 3-credit course, points earned for the course are 8.1 (2.7 x 3). For any period, the total grade points for the courses graded “A”-“F” divided by the total credits give the grade point average. The term GPA includes all courses graded “A”-“F” in a semester or summer session. The cumulative GPA averages all courses graded “A”-“F”.

If a student repeats a course that may not be repeated for credit, the Registrar records the grades for both attempts. If the repeat occurred prior to Summer Session 2002, both attempts are included in the GPA calculations. If the repeat occurred after Spring 2002, only the second attempt is included in the GPA calculations although both grades appear on the transcript. The student should note that when a lower grade is earned on the second attempt, the lower grade is the one that is used in the calculations.

Students withdrawing from a full-year course at the close of the first semester will, if they have passed the first part of the course, receive credit for the work of the first semester, unless the course description states otherwise.

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Grade Changes

The University Senate By-law concerning changes of Course Grades states:

Grades are part of the student’s permanent record; they should never be changed for reasons unrelated to course requirements or quality of work. Once the grade in the course has been submitted, an instructor may neither accept additional work nor give additional examinations.

Instructors should change grades for the following reasons: a computational error, clerical error, and the discovery of overlooked components in a student’s body of work. In cases when the instructor concludes that a course grade ought to be changed, the instructor determines a corrected grade and initiates the grade change process. The head of the department or program offering the course and the dean of the school or college in which the course is taught will be notified of a grade change to ensure consistency with the By-Laws.

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