Exam Procedures

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Information about final examinations is available through the Office of the Registrar.

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The University Senate By-law concerning semester exams:

During the semester or term, examinations shall be held only during regularly scheduled class periods. Permission for exceptions to this rule may be granted by the deans or designees of the school or college in which the course is offered. Exceptions must be granted prior to the start of registration. Sections of courses for which such exception has been granted shall carry a footnote to that effect in the published Schedule of Classes. In the event of student absences from assessments given during the semester, decisions regarding possible make-up assessments shall be the prerogative of the instructor.


Scheduled Exams

In-class final examinations must be given in the place and at the times scheduled by the University. In the case of online final examinations, although faculty may choose to make examinations available for an extended period of time, students must be allowed the opportunity to take the examination during the time scheduled by the University.


A student who is prevented by sickness or other unavoidable causes from completing a scheduled final assessment must apply to the Dean of Students or designee for validation that will authorize the student’s instructor to give a substitute assessment. A student whose absence is excused by the Dean of Students or designee shall have an opportunity to complete a substitute assessment without penalty. A student whose absence from a scheduled final assessment is not excused in this wall shall receive a failure for this assessment.

“Bunched” Exams

There shall be no more than five examination periods scheduled each day, covering two class periods, and each examination period shall be no more than two hours in length. Any extension of the two hour limit will require approvals from both the department head and the dean or his/her designee, and will be published in the Schedule of Classes. A student whose final examination schedule includes four examinations in two consecutive calendar days may request a rescheduled examination in place of one of the four scheduled examinations. A student whose schedule includes three examinations in one calendar day or three examinations in consecutive time blocks spanning parts of two consecutive days may request a make-up examination in place of one of three scheduled examinations. In all cases concerning the rescheduling of bunched exams, the student must present to the instructor a note of permission granted by the Dean of Students Office, whose prerogative it is to determine which of the bunched examinations may be rescheduled. 

Exam Weight and Semester Grade

Each instructor shall determine for his or her own courses the weight to be assigned to the final examination in computing the semester grade of a student. Each instructor in charge of a course will assume responsibility for proctoring in-class assessments, including those during finals week.