Institutional Data

Data and analysis to support the management, planning, evaluation and assessment functions of the University are the mission of the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE).

OIRE has a wealth of information on its website including data regarding:

  • Admissions and enrollment;
  • Undergraduate students (including majors, schools/colleges, etc);
  • Graduate students (masters and doctoral enrollment);
  • Diversity;
  • Faculty & staff;
  • Degrees conferred;
  • Student retention;
  • Tuition;
  • Alumni; and
  • Institutional rankings.

The OIRE website also has information regarding annual report submissions, teaching evaluations, and University metrics. OIRE produces the annual UConn Fact Sheets, and maintains an online archive of Fact Sheets.

LINK: OIRE website

LINK: Annual UConn Fact Sheets

LINK: Student Evaluation of Teaching Information