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Human Resources

Human Resources provides consultative services to the University community in the areas of recruitment, search and hire, classification, and  compensation.

LINK: Human Resources

Offer Letter/ Offer Letter Templates

Offer letters define the terms and conditions of employment for individuals who are being invited to accept a new position at the University.

Hiring Tools, available on the Human Resources’ Webpage, includes template letters for all unclassified positions including faculty, management, and professional staff.

LINK: Hiring Tools

Special Payroll

Authorized hiring officers may appoint temporary, short term, project based, seasonal, durational and professional staff to meet staffing needs associated with university programs and activities. Appointees to the Special Payroll do not receive benefits, although professional employees hired may purchase medical coverage at group rates.

LINK: SPAR Information

Hiring International Employees

For information on hiring international employees, please go to the Global section of the Resource Guide

LINK: Global

Dual Employment

If you are seeking to work for the University and already work for another State of Connecticut agency/office, you must file a Dual Employment Request. You must also submit the form if you are a UConn employee and are seeking a job at a second agency of the State of Connecticut.

LINK: Dual Employment Form