Kuali Financial System (KFS)

The Kuali Financial System (KFS) is used by the University to process accounting transactions, manage budgets and balances, conduct purchases, payments and reimbursements, monitor cash and receivables, as well as other financial functions. The data from KFS is exported to the Kuali Financial Data Mart, creating reports, including: Account Balances, Account Transactions, Payroll Transactions, and the University’s Financial Statements.

Kuali replaced FRS (Financial Records System) in July 2012.

Information regarding KFS can be found on the Financial Systems website. The system is supported by the Office of the Controller and University Information Technology Services (UITS).


LINK: Office of the Controller

New accounts in KFS are setup by the Accounting office based on a New Account Request form located on the Accounting office website.

LINK: Accounting Office

New grant or contract accounts are set up by the Sponsored Programs Services. Departments are responsible for reconciling their own accounts but should contact the Accounting Office or SPS if assistance is needed or corrections to the data are needed.


Reports used in reconciling and monitoring balances and transactions can be produced from the Kuali Financial Data Mart (KDFM) using the WebFOCUS reporting tool.

LINK: Kuali Financial Data Mart