Consulting by Faculty

Consulting is an activity performed by a faculty member for compensation as a result of his/her expertise or prominence in his/her field while not acting in his/her official capacity as a State employee (i.e. in his/her own time.) The University’s Bylaws prohibit faculty from consulting on “time due to the University”.

Prior approval is required for all consulting activities. An on-line form for consulting approval is available on the Consulting by Faculty website.

In summary:

  1. Conflict of interest: consulting activities may not create a conflict with the individual’s state position and responsibilities;
  2. Owning a business: faculty members and members of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) may consult with companies in which they have an ownership interest;
  3. Policy and procedures: all policies and procedures relating to consulting are found on the Consulting website;
  4. Reconciliation report: annual reconciliation reports are required of all individuals who engaged in any consulting activity;
  5. Royalties: royalties are not reported as consulting income;
  6. Sabbatical leaves and consulting: for purposes of consulting sabbatical leave is considered full time employment;
  7. Teaching at other institutions: teaching at other institutions is permissible under certain circumstances.
  8. Travel while consulting: travel while consulting is considered to be personal travel.

LINK: Consulting by Faculty