Gifts – Giving & Receiving

In general, employees are prohibited from accepting gifts, discounts or gratuities of any kind from donors:

(1) doing business with or seeking to do business with the University;

(2) directly regulated by the University;

(3) known to be a registered lobbyist or a lobbyist’s representative, or;

(4) pre-qualified under Conn. Gen. Stat. §4a-100. A list of registered lobbyists can be found on the web site of the Office of State Ethics.

Certain items are excluded from the definition of “gift,” including: items offered to the public at large (for example, trinkets provided at an open house), items valued at under
$10, food and beverage up to $50 in a calendar year from each donor and training for a product purchased by the University provided such training is offered to all customers of that vendor.

“Gifts to the state” are also permitted unless earmarked for travel or conference expenses. If an employee is offered a benefit from someone other than the prohibited donors listed above, and the benefit is offered because of the employee’s position at the University, the total value of benefits received from one source in a year must not exceed $100.

Additionally, supervisors may only accept gifts valued at no more than $100 from a subordinate; a subordinate may only accept gifts valued at no more than $100 from his/her supervisor.

Questions regarding specific facts and circumstances surrounding various gift-giving scenarios should be directed to the University’s Ethics Liaison or the Office of State Ethics.

LINK: University Guide to the State Code of Ethics

Textbook Donations

It is understood that from time to time the publishers of academic textbooks and related materials may provide free copies to faculty or staff for their use. Under State of Connecticut and University of Connecticut ethics policies, these free materials may not be accepted as personal property and should instead be accepted as property of the University. The eventual disposal of free textbooks and related materials is subject to University policy.

LINK: Policy on Acceptance and Disposal of Textbook Donations