Compliance Training

Also See: Research Compliance

Annual Compliance Training

Annual Compliance Training is required of all employees, and is offered online and in person during the spring semester.

This training provides a general overview of the requirements of the University’s Code of Conduct and the Guide to the State Code of Ethics. It also gives information on important compliance topics; how to report compliance concerns; illustrates consequences of violations; and offers resources for further questions.

LINK: Annual Compliance Training

Fundamentals of Sponsored Project Administration Training

This one and one-half hour session is required of anyone who has any fiscal grant management responsibilities including Principal Investigators, Co-PIs, department Grant Managers, Graduate Assistants and Special Payroll personnel. This is a one-time training requirement and all sessions are offered in person.

This training consists of an overview of extramural funding at the University, and describes the extramural funding cycle from pre-award to post-award. Federal, State and University policies and practices are discussed, including regulations pertaining to proper fiscal management of grant funds; allocation of salaries and effort; contracting; and other related topics.

LINK: Compliance Training Policy