Academic Information

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Academic Vision

The Academic Vision forges the next decade of progress at UConn. this comprehensive academic vision is guided by a singular vision to achieve excellence in all aspects of our mission as a University­—research, education, service, and engagement. These goals and strategies form the basis for informed decision-making for faculty and staff hiring, infrastructure, operating budget, and space allocation; all in support of our extraordinary disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and educational programs.

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Academic Calendar

The academic calendar is maintained on the Office of the Registrar’s website. From time to time, the academic calendar is subject to review/revision by the University Senate.

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Schools & Colleges

The University of Connecticut is comprised of 14 schools and colleges offering seven (7) undergraduate degrees in 102 majors, and 17 graduate degrees in 86 fields of study.

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Centers & Institutes

Centers and institutes at the University are established to promote scholarly activity and/or support teaching, research, diversity or the outreach mission of the institution.

The University recognizes that Centers/Institutes require a commitment of resources and has developed guidelines regarding criteria for their establishment and review, with final approval given by the Board of Trustees.

These guidelines and a schedule for the review of Academic Centers/Institutes can be found on the Provost’s Office website.

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