About the University

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Fast Facts

Founded: 1881 (Storrs Agricultural School)

Land Grant & Sea Grant College, & Space Grant consortium institution

Situated on  4,272 acres (Storrs & Regionals: 4,067 acres; Health Center: 205 acres)

More than 217,000 alumni worldwide

More than 121,000 alumni live in Connecticut


Main Campus: Storrs (Section of the Town of Mansfield, Connecticut)

Regional Campuses: Avery Point, Greater Hartford, Stamford, Waterbury

School of Law and Graduate Business Learning Center: Hartford

School of Social Work: Greater Hartford Campus

Health Center: Farmington (Schools of Medicine & Dental Medicine, graduate programs, medical & dental clinics & John Dempsey Hospital)

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Academic Programs & Degrees

Fourteen schools and colleges: Agriculture, Health & Natural Resources, Business, Dental Medicine, Neag Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Graduate, Law, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Ratcliffe Hicks, Social Work

Eight undergraduate degrees: 102 majors

Seventeen graduate degrees: 88 research and professional practice fields of study

Six professional degree programs (J.D., LL.M., M.D., D.M.D., Pharm.D., DNP)

This information and statistics about the University of Connecticut, including enrollment, number of faculty and staff, budget, and research funding, are updated annually in the UConn Fact Sheet.

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Acronyms & Building Abbreviations Used at the University

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