• Distance Learning & Online Instruction

    1. Distance learning and online courses have become an integral part of the University along with traditional classroom instruction.
    2. Distance Learning
      1. Distance learning brings together an instructor and students via technology. At UConn, distance learning, also know as iTV, refers specifically to courses taught using a videoconference (interactive television) system, which enables students and the instructor to see and hear each other in real time.
      2. Note: Courses taught on HuskyCT are considered “online” courses rather than distance courses because the majority of participating students are enrolled at the main campus in Storrs. Only courses that specifically target regional campus students using a videoconference format are considered distance courses.
  • LINK: iTV Distance Learning
  • LINK: Instructional Design & Development
  • LINK: iTV (Distance Learning) Rooms
  • Online Instruction
    1. The University has online education opportunities for undergraduate and graduate stduents ranging from single courses to complete degree programs. Online courses are also offered for undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree students.
  • LINK: Guide for Online Students
  • LINK: Distance Learning/Online Courses – Center for Continuing Studies
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